Health Benefits Through Yoga

Health Benefits Through Yoga

In the exercise and fitness world, cardio and strength training get a lot of attention. There are a ton of benefits to high intensity workouts, cardio workouts, and weight lifting. There are also other exercise programs that promote lifelong health and that have been around long before weight lifting. If you want a total body workout and the ability to bring your mind and body together – incorporate yoga into your workout plans.

Yoga for the Body

Yoga practice typically includes breathing exercises, meditation, and postures that stretch and flex various muscle groups.  These postures help increase flexibility, muscle strength, and muscle tone, Regular yoga practice can help protect your muscles from injury and improve athletic performance, as it is constantly stretching and flexing your muscles.

Yoga for the Heart

Yoga is a great exercise to get your heart rate into the aerobic range, which lowers your resting heart rate, increases endurance, and can improve your uptake of oxygen. This improves cardiovascular conditioning and overall heart health.  Yoga has been shown to decrease blood pressure too and significantly impact people with constant hypertension.

Yoga for the Mind

The benefits of yoga are not only for the body, but also the mind. Research shows that regular yoga practice can increase blood flow to the brain and improve memory and brain function. Yoga requires extreme focus, a relaxed mood, and a positive mindset. All of these can have a positive impact on anxiety and stress levels.

Yoga for Overall Health

Regular yoga practice encourages relaxation, slow breathing, and calming effect on the nervous system – all of which can help restore your body’s overall health. According to recent studies, yoga helps improve sleep pattern and a deeper more restful sleep.