Hi, I’m Lisa Recchia Allain, founder of ithriveX®.

I feel the key to survival is movement - and these products provide

"Healing in Motion"

I wanted to share with you a brief glimpse of my journey to creating the ithriveX line of all-natural healing creams. Within one year I lost my father and, due to divorce, became a single mom of four beautiful and very active children (triplets plus one). That literal shake-up of my foundation was the awakening that made me realize I needed to create a new destiny for myself: one that would allow me to be the mom they needed while feeding my own soul and desires to pursue a new life.

Sadly, due to fear, lack of faith, and not truly being connected to who I was, I staggered around ‘searching’ for my next step. It wasn’t until years later, and a couple of other monumental losses in my life, that I realized I needed to do this on my own...period! I needed to take control of my life and build the company I was envisioning. Letting others direct my path and not living my heart purpose would get me nowhere fast.

With the support of a few encouraging people, I took the jump (the greatest jump we all avoid: the one into the unknown!) I ventured out to create an all-natural, fast-acting topical pain relief alternative I felt good about giving my children. After years of testing and feedback from professionals, athletes and everyday people like you and me, I ended up with a line of truly ALL all-natural creams comprised of essential oils.

People often ask how I came to create these products. The truth is I felt almost divinely led to follow my gut instinct and listen to what people were asking for: solutions to their pain--from chronic aches, post-workout soreness and sports ailments, to anti-friction, wound care and radiation burns. What began as a desire to help my children get off oral pain relievers has now become an innovative all-natural product line that enables people of various lifestyles to live the lives they desire.

Giving Back From the Beginning

The ultimate goal and my greatest desire are for ithriveX to be the starting point for a larger platform called “ilivetogive”. This giving platform allows us to give to charities close to ithriveX’s heart, but it will also let you, the consumer, choose where a portion of the profits go. I stand strong in my belief that giving back, however that looks for you, starts from the beginning. Whether it’s volunteering, monetary support, or just sharing your story, this platform is the place to thrive as a community of givers.