Behind the creation of ithriveX™ is a journey with many facets of life woven into it. The inspiration was driven by forces of nature, ones I never even realized were occurring. As we get caught in the rush of our daily activities, we often lose our sense of self and just the ability to stop and enjoy this magnificent adventure called life.

Fortunately, after many years of running from reality, I stopped and decided it was time for me to make a shift and become present in my life. I started listening more, talking less, recognizing and taking action on the signs right in front of me. Some call it fate, others luck, some even destiny.

I believe it starts with faith and believing in oneself, first and foremost. Without knowing who we are and being truly happy in that understanding, it’s hard to really see and accept what is being offered to us by the universe. It’s what we do with life’s moments, circumstances and events that determine our destiny.

We make the choice! We make the difference! We make the change!

Within one year I lost my father and unfortunately, due to divorce, I became a single mom of four beautiful and very active children (triplets plus one). That awakening, a literal shake-up of my foundation, made me realize I needed to create a new destiny for myself and one that would allow me to be the Mom they needed, yet feed my own soul and my desires to pursue a new life.

Sadly, due to fear, lack of faith and not truly being connected to who I was, I staggered around ‘searching’ for my next step. It wasn’t until after my mom passed away about four years later, and I was in the midst of a legal debacle, that I realized I needed to do this on my own…period!

Take control and responsibility of my life and create a product of my own and build the company I envisioned. Relying on others, letting others direct my path and not living my heart purpose would get me nowhere fast.

I was at one of my lowest points, but my drive to take care of my children, emotionally and physically and to take care of me, as well, led to the creation of ithriveX™. I literally woke up and realized the gift burning inside of me. Along with that drive is a deeply embedded desire to give back to the causes I believe in and want to support as my business grows. I stand strong in my belief that giving back starts from the beginning.

ithriveX™ began with an all-natural pain relief cream created for a marketplace with little alternatives that are absolutely comprised of ALL-natural ingredients. The powerful combination of essential oils, including arnica, help soothe everything from chronic pain to pre/post workouts to minor muscle aches and strains. My initial goal was to change my children’s thought process to ask for oral pain relievers and to use an all-natural topical alternative on issues like growing pains and sports ailments.

It took me recognizing the divine intervention that kept leading me to reconnect with a friend, I had met years before, who had the same ideas to change how pain is managed. She helped encourage me to take the jump. The greatest jump we all avoid…the one into fear!

Here is a new inspiring thought on a verse from The Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”, what if it is actually stating “The DISCIPLINED shall inherit the earth”?

“Some feel that fear is okay as a lifestyle because they’ve heard that the meek shall inherit the earth. So they can go on with being meek as a way of life. They become soft-spoken and compliant, never standing for themselves; always resigned to being a fluffy doormat. But scholars now say that in the scriptural texts that were translated from the Greek, the word praos doesn’t exactly mean “meek” as people have always thought. In fact, it is more accurate to say it means “disciplined.” That is a very big difference in those translations. It’s much more encouraging to now realize that the disciplined shall inherit the earth.” ~Steve Chandler from Fearless

“in the process, the disciplined shall also inherit heaven on earth as there’s no faster way to experience joy than to live in integrity with our highest values and close the gap between what we’re capable of doing in any given moment and what we’re actually doing.”

I read recently that “Discipline is synonymous with “willpower” which scientists tell us is THE most important virtue. And In The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg states: “Dozens of studies show that willpower is the single most important keystone habit for individual success.”   Action cures fear! Indecision, avoidance, postponement, hesitation they all fertilize fear and actually bring it closer to you.

I now realize my why, as Simon Sinek so greatly teaches, and am finally thriving every day. As we have all heard, success does not define us, it’s the failure that leads to our success that truly defines our why and who we are. It is all a result of finding my inspiration through life’s circumstances and overcoming fear. From that point, it was holding onto the willpower to know and love myself and redefine who I am and what I’m going to do with this life.

I love and live my life believing “Every saint has a past, every sinner a future”. Don’t let the past define you, get disciplined, find your faith, your core competencies and strengths then go create your life and let inspiration come from your own awareness.

Life is waiting, Don't Just survive... Thrive.


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