Tips for Starting a New Workout Routine

So many people, especially while working from home, spend all day sitting at a desk or during a commute. Finding ways to work more activity into your routine will do wonders for your health. Building some muscle and adding movement will improve your metabolic health, boost your appetite, and make it easier to get in your daily water. Plus, exercise is a wonderful form of self-care and time to yourself that is so therapeutic for your everyday routine. Here are some tips to help you get the ball rolling on your exercise routine!


1. Find what you enjoy

By scrolling through social media, it may seem like there is only one way you can work out. Maybe you think that you have to do crossfit, or that women have to stick with pilates, and some say that cardio is bad for you while others say that running is the best. Best practice is going to be to ignore all of that and find what you enjoy. Maybe take a few classes to try spin, pilates, or dance and see if anything sticks. Try some long walks or short jogs, youtube workouts or fitness apps. You may prefer the group setting or working out alone, the gym or at home, indoor or outdoor. The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong way to move your body so long as you are safe. 


2. Find your entertainment

Your daily movement is the perfect time to catch up on your favorites! You may want to save your favorite up-beat music for when you do an intense workout. Or you can listen to your favorite podcasts on a nice walk in the sunshine - it’s so relaxing. If you prefer to work out at home, you could use that time to watch tv. Most shows are between 20 and 40 minutes long, the perfect length for a workout!


3. Add it to your schedule

Especially in the beginning, it will help to add your workout to your calendar to make sure you have time for it. Having a plan to make sure you have the time to get up early for a walk or to go to the gym before dinner will help you form the habit. Once it is a habit and a part of your regular life, you may not need to do this. But you also may prefer to still schedule it for yourself. That will ensure that no matter how crazy life gets, you have a plan in place to make time to take care of yourself.

These tips will hopefully help you to develop a routine of movement that you love! And always remember that working out should be an act of self care, not a punishment.