In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Some call it a proverb, others call it folklore, but at one time or another you’ve heard the saying about March… “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. Generally, it refers to a time when we shift from the cold temps of Winter to the warmer temps of Spring. (Although in the past, this does not always hold true. In some parts of the country the lion stays a tad bit longer.)

For the most part, however, Spring gives us signs of gentle rebirth. LIFE can follow a similar pattern. We experience a challenge, or a misfortune. Days are dark, and we fight to beat the beast holding us back. But with time, care, compassion, and patience we can transform to a place that is docile and manageable.

  • Each year in March we recognize National Athletic Trainers Month. Many of our ithriveX customers rely on these professionals to get them back in to game, and most importantly…moving forward. Their work is to prepare, so that the athlete is ready to perform. 

We hope these trainers will consider adding ithriveX ALL-NATURAL products to their health care initiatives. Want to introduce our products to an athletic trainer you know?

Contact us and we’ll send them a product sample.

  • In case you didn’t know, our Founder, Lisa Allain, is a single Mom to 4 children! So, on March 12th, we’ll be celebrating her (and so many others) on National Working Mom’s Day! Want to know more about Lisa and the INSPIRATION side of her story? Check it out here
  • Yes-we know March 17th is set aside to celebrate the “Luck of the Irish”, but it is also designated in 2022 as Absolutely Incredible Kids Day.This is a great day to tell the kids in your life how they are amazing, inspiring, or just plain terrific! Kids have a great ability to learn, adjust, adapt, and bring joy to others often through simple and silly ways.
Take the time today to highlight an
absolutely incredible kid you may know. 
  • Whether there are buds on the trees, or snow on the ground, we hope you’ll take advantage of National Take A Walk in the Park Day on March 30th. A good walk can get us energized and motivated-even on your roughest days; and a visit to a park at any time of the year can bring visual splendor.  Don’t forget to pack your ithriveX in your backpack, perfect for use with your prosthetic if you are an amputee. It will help create a barrier-like feel between your skin and your prosthetic, keeping the area sealed and comfortable so you can remain mobile. Remember, don’t just survive…THRIVE!