Forget the Meaning of Can’t

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” -Charles R Swindoll

This month we are especially motivated by this quote, as April is designated as Limb Loss Awareness Month. It is a time to recognize those living with limb loss and limb difference. Some are born this way. Some have a medical issue that leads to limb loss. Some have an accident that causes sudden limb loss. Limb loss does not discriminate against age, race, nationality, gender, or religion. Each case is unique. But what is common is the resilience of this adaptable community.


As a manufacturer of an all-natural anti-friction cream for amputees, we’ve met some of THE bravest, most focused, strongest, fierce, lighthearted, funniest, most creative individuals you could ever know. They inspire every word of our mission. “Don’t just survive…thrive.” They continue to move forward with their dreams and their goals and do not let adversity get in the way of their determination. In a sense, they just forget the meaning of can’t. 


This month we are choosing to highlight individuals and organizations who are making an impact with the limb loss community. Read their stories. Donate to their organization. And wear ORANGE (designated ribbon color for Limb Loss Awareness) sometime this month to show your support.


  • Amputee Coalition
    , founded in 1986 is the leading national non-profit organization that empowers individuals with limb loss through education, support, and advocacy. They provide resources, support groups and peer support, awareness, advocacy for legislation, events, programs and more. In 2010, Amputee Coalition made the bold move to name April National Limb Loss Awareness Month which is now celebrated across the United States and around the world as a time to recognize those living with limb loss and to raise awareness about limb loss prevention. Their theme for this year is “Your Ordinary is Extraordinary”. Learn more about how you can be involved here.

    • If you are an Instagram user, we really want to encourage you to follow @Beautifullymade_community. This growing network celebrates limb differences by connecting and sharing positivity. They share resources, provide education, facilitate connections, and coordinate and promote live events.  Your heart will just light up in joy when you see the photos they share of children, teens, young adults, and adults who shine through their limb differences.  Cara, Mellissa and Xanthe are making an impact for others. We celebrate them and look forward to the possibility of working together one day soon.

        • When ithriveX was first developing our unique proprietary anti-friction cream for use with prosthetics, we turned to experts located right in our backyard for information, knowledge, and to “test” the efficacy of our product. Amputee Blade Runners is a non-profit organization that helps lower limb different athletes of all ages reimagine what is possible in sports and in life.  “Are you ready to redefine what’s possible for amputee athletes?” Discover ways to give here.  Interested to know the story of our partnership with Amputee Blade Runners? Click here to watch the video.

            • Now is a great time to become an ithriveX Ambassador and we couldn’t be more excited about introducing Elayna Alexandra to our team. Like many connections these days, we met Elayna through Instagram. She was familiar with our products through our partnership with Less Leg More Heart. But when we learned about her, her story, and the work she does…we were in awe. Elayna is a survivor of a rare bone disease and has figured out how to thrive in the face of extreme hardship and limb function loss. She is a coach, a strategist and a facilitator. Oh yeah…and she has an MBA! We are so grateful to Elayna that she wants to help us move forward with our vision for ithriveX, especially within the amputee community. We look forward to working with this amazingly courageous woman and sharing more about her experiences.

              These are just a few examples to show the kind of impact you can make when instead of saying “I can’t” you instead say “I CAN”.  If you have a story you want to share with us, or you know someone or an organization making an impact in the limb loss or limb difference community let us know.