Crisp, Nourishing and Grateful


Ahhh November…a time where Fall-loving people embrace the scent of cinnamon candles, the taste of pumpkin and pecan pie, a warm cozy sweater, and an afternoon walk among the crimson and golden leaves that have gently fallen from the trees. November is a time that we seem to see things as crisp and nourishing as we prepare for the winter months just around the corner. And of course, it is a time where we also nourish our souls with thoughts of thanksgiving and gratitude. We know that the hectic Holiday season is upon us. So, for now, at this very moment of your day, just breathe in-breathe out, and let it go.

  • National Stress Awareness Day: The first Wednesday in November is recognized as National Stress Awareness Day. (Seems like a great way to kick off this month in anticipation of the upcoming Holiday craziness.) Everyone has stress. Some professionals even say it is good for us. Stress helps us to respond to changes that are happening in our lives. Some psychologists tell us that stress is our body’s way of protecting itself from harm. However, too much stress can cause harm not only to our health, but to those in relationships close to us. Knowing what causes our stress is often the first step toward healing. Physical health can certainly be a leading cause of stress. At ithriveX we can help you with pain-free solution products. Check out our SHOP page and see if there is a product to help eliminate pain that may be causing you stress.                                
  •  National Diabetes Month: In the United States, every year about 73,000 amputations of the lower limb (not related to trauma) are performed on people with diabetes. That’s just one of the reasons we think Diabetes Awareness Month is so important. At ithriveX we serve many amputees with our anti-friction creams, and we are grateful we can help. But we also have a responsibility to help bring awareness to the risk of type 2 diabetes which currently impacts 30 million people in this country. Since we are talking about nourishment this month this would be a great way to learn about healthy eating, exercise, and other preventative measures. Visit the American Diabetes Association for more details.

  • Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday: November is a key time of the year for those who create (or curate) products available for resell. This month can truly help set a business on a path to success and help you to keep moving forward in pursuit of your dreams. Everyone knows about “Black Friday”; a deep shopping discount day that falls the day after Thanksgiving. But many may not be aware of Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday as they are both relatively new, and they also offer unique shopping day experiences. Small Business Saturday is all about supporting the small business entrepreneur. Whether it is bricks and mortar or an ecommerce shop, this day is about stepping away from big box retailers (or large online shopping sites) and putting effort into helping the little guy with business growth. ithriveX is certainly a “small business” -with a huge heart to give back. We hope you will consider supporting our business on either November 26 (Small Business Saturday) or November 28 (Cyber Monday). This is a great time to grab a few extra tubes of our Performance or Anti-Friction Creams. Maybe even set them aside as a stocking stuffer? If you enter THANKYOU20 when you place an order on our website, you can get 20% off your entire order.


And as always, we are truly grateful for your support and wish you a wonderful season of blessings.

Don’t just survive…thrive!

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