Back-to-Back Lower Back Pain Relief with Side Planks

Back-to-Back Lower Back Pain Relief with Side Planks

“The strong find a way to survive…and THRIVE.” – Billy Cox

A path to lower back pain relief is through strengthening your core muscles. But, many people find themselves in a catch-22 because they find abdominal exercises to be, well, painful (especially on their lower back.)

That’s why we’re “back” with Dr. Josh Renkens of Resilient Health & Performance, LLC sharing the second of three Stuart McGill inspired exercises:


Side Plank

You may not be doing backflips any time soon, but this exercise is a complete core workout without the lower back stress.

  • Step One: Lay on your side with your feet staggered (your top leg should be in front of your bottom leg), position your elbow directly beneath your shoulder, grab your shoulder with your “free” hand and go into a full side plan with full hip extension.
  • Step Two: Hinge your hips down and back, and then up and forward at the same time with full hip extension

What’s the big deal with this McGill “Big Three” exercise? It’s one of the few exercises that incorporate the Quadratus Lumborum.

Exercise Success Tips

  • Maintain the integrity of your shoulder throughout the exercise: By side planking with your shoulder in an incorrect position, you not only won’t get the desired results out of the exercise, but your shoulder will be in a compromised position and will take on additional stress.
  • Make sure to get a full hip extension: Stopping short of full hip extension won’t fully engage your muscles in the way the exercise is designed to.

Watch and Learn the Side Plank Technique in this Video

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