Amputee Blade Runners

Since 2011, Amputee Blade Runners has been working hard to provide blade prosthetics to amputee athletes. Most insurance companies deem running blades as “not medically necessary” and do not cover them. That leaves many amputee athletes missing out on the very best opportunities to excel in the athletic world.

That’s where Amputee Blade Runners comes in. One of their goals is to provide one amputee athlete with a running prosthesis in every state. They have already done so for 31 states and are growing strong!  ABR even has the first team comprised solely of amputee athletes running the Ragnar Relay Race in March!

Amputee Blade Runners Staff

Amputee Blade Runners is able to accomplish what it does due to its amazing staff. Co-founder Aaron Fitzsimmons began his interest in working with amputees and prosthetics in college after his experiences at a camp for disabled children.

Ryan Fann, also co-founder, has been an amputee since a young age. He participated in sports throughout his middle and high school years. Opportunities truly opened up for Ryan when he was gifted his running prosthesis by a local prosthetic company. The Amputee Blade Runners foundation boasts a staff of highly-qualified and dedicated workers that includes multiple amputees.

The organization is always open and appreciative of monetary donations and volunteers. A great way to help out ABR is by organizing a Run Your City social run, a semi-structured neighborhood race with proceeds benefiting the Amputee Blade Runners association and its recipients.

Amputee Resources

The ABR website has tons of great information and resources for amputee athletes, family and friends, and sponsors. Inspirational content abounds, including extensive YouTube instructional GetFit videos and articles for amputee athletes targeting specific areas and strengthening exercises.


Amputee Skin Care Products

Skin problems arise for many amputees that lead active lifestyles. The friction that occurs when the prosthetic makes constant contact with the stump can lead to complications and even infections. For this reason, ithrivex has released two new skin care products that are specifically designed with amputee athletes in mind.

One of our goals as a company is to provide products that allow people to live an active lifestyle without being hindered by aches and pains that occur in muscles and joints when you put your body to the test.

Introducing, the ithrivex Anti-Friction Cream and ithrivex Anti-Friction EXTREME Cream. These products help reduce the stress and discomfort that can occur at contact points - making it more comfortable for amputees to exercise.

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