What kind of Thriver are you?

Group hiking - ithriveX Performance Cream provides muscle & joint pain relief.


If you’re out there exploring the world and sucking the marrow out of life, toss a tube of ithriveX Performance Cream in with your gear. Whether you’re camping in Yellowstone, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or backpacking across Europe, it’ll keep you from being slowed down by muscle pain or inflammation.

There are endless mountains to climb, oceans to cross, trails to hike, places to explore. You know life is a thrilling adventure, so get out there and discover all you can. Absorb those experiences, and don’t let pain keep you from chasing your dreams.

High school quarterback getting ready to throw - ithriveX pain relief cream can soothe aching muscles and joints.


You don’t just set goals; you surpass them. When the game comes down to the wire, you put your body on the line for your team. You do whatever it takes to get the win, and that inner fire takes a toll on your muscles and joints.

So toss a tube of ithriveX® Performance Cream in your gym bag, and use it pre or post workout or during a competition to keep inflammation in check and warm up your muscles. It brings fast relief, lessens swelling, and sparks the body's natural healing process, so you can continue to get faster, stronger, better every day.

Man in the air about to slam dunk - ithriveX all-natural pain relief cream can soothe sore muscles and joints.


You’re ready to put this surgery or that injury behind you. You were ready yesterday. Injuries are beyond frustrating: they slow you down, and can even bring your life to a temporary standstill. And chronic post-surgery pain can prevent you from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

But it’s time to rebound. Send your recovery into overdrive with the power of essential oils found in ithriveX® Performance Cream. Use it daily to jump-start your body’s healing capabilities and ease the pain, so you can put injuries and surgeries in the past and get back to your active life.

Elderly man holding his grandchild - ithriveX pain relief cream soothe aching muscles and joints associated with aging.


Age has got nothing on you. Maybe the wear and tear of your younger years and your current active lifestyle are catching up to you. You work hard and you play hard (and you feel it). Maybe you’re retired and want to make a dent in the ol’ bucket list, but you can’t shake the soreness and stiffness that are proof of a life well-lived.

But you always prevail. You’ve triumphed before and you’ll triumph now. Add ithriveX Performance Cream to your daily routine and soothe your muscle and joint pain so you can keep forging forward, conquering all that’s ahead.

Woman rock climber scaling a rock wall - ithriveX pain relief cream provides relief for sore muscles and joints.


You know who you are. You’re an elite athlete who pushes your body past its limit in displays of extreme physicality. Whether you start your mornings with a predawn Crossfit workout, have your eyes set on your next Ironman, are running in this year's Ragnar Relay, or make your living as a professional athlete, you need your body to work hard in the most extreme conditions.

So go ahead, push yourself until you’re pouring sweat and your muscles and joints are screaming for relief. Then recover with ultra-powerful ithriveX Performance eXtreme Cream so you can be stronger and faster tomorrow.