Quality Lives Start With Quality Nutrition

Quality Lives Start With Quality Nutrition

Fast, Good or Cheap – Pick TWO! Sound familiar? Well, that’s because it’s true in just about everything in life – especially when it comes to your food. If your meal is fast and good, it’s not typically cheap. If your meal is good and cheap, it’ not usually fast. And most importantly, if your food is fast and cheap, it’s almost never good.

That’s why “fast food” is one of the biggest pitfalls of modern society. In our rush to do it all and be all things to all people, our nutritional needs have taken a back seat to just about every other priority in our life. Meals have become more of a nuisance that must be taken care of. All too often we fulfill that need with “food” but not with nutrients.

Need some extra motivation for quality nutrition?

Eat good. Feel good. Do good. Who doesn’t want to look trim, have healthy, glowing skin or an extra boost of energy? There’s a reason why the number one New Year’s resolution every year is to lose weight – we all want to look good. And nutrition is the biggest factor in that equation – don’t just take our word for it, here’s a recent article with more information about Healthy Weight Loss.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Nutrition For Disease Prevention

While genetics do play a part in whether you are more prone to diseases like heart attacks, strokes, obesity, osteoporosis, and even some cancers, what you eat also does. Ever heard of Newton’s 2nd law of inertia – a body in motion will likely stay in motion? In our opinion, nutrition is similar. A healthy body filled with good, quality, nutrient-rich foods is more likely to stay healthy. A body filled with poor nutrition, however, is more likely to create an unhealthy internal environment that diseases are more apt to take hold in.

Cancer Treatment and Nutrition

While not the only treatment for diseases like cancer, medical experts acknowledge nutrition’s role, whether in part or as a whole course of treatment. According to an article published on cancer.org, “Good nutrition is especially important if you have cancer because both the illness and its treatment can affect your appetite. Cancer and cancer treatments can affect the way your body tolerates certain foods and uses nutrients.”

The Heimerdinger Foundation

If you’re interested in getting back to the food basics and supporting organizations committed to helping others with nutritional necessities, we encourage you to check out (and support) the Heimerdinger Foundation. They are an organization that strives to educate the Nashville community about proper nutrition and healthy meal options, and provides nutrient-rich meals to patients fighting cancer during a time when eating right can make all the difference.

Learn more about the Heimerdinger Foundation, and how to donate here!