Prosthetic Gel Liners

Amputee Blade Runners Co-Founder, Aaron Fitzsimmons

Aaron Fitzsimmons is the co-founder of Amputee Blade Runners. He went to grad school in Connecticut to learn about prosthetics. He is an inspirational human being who has dedicated himself and his knowledge to helping amputees live fuller, more meaningful lives.

In this video, Aaron explains the different varieties of prosthetic gel liners available on the market. The purpose of prosthetic gel liners is to hold a prosthesis in place.

The video serves as a guide for amputees to generate the right kinds of questions and feedback when searching for an appropriate prosthesis for their lifestyles. Much like choosing the right prosthesis, choosing the right gel liner is a matter of comfort and personal taste.

3 Types of Prosthetic Gel Liners

The three types of gel liners discussed in this video are silicone, urethane, and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Different types of gels provide a different fit, feel, and level of comfort. This video is meant to help you make an informed decision.



Who is ithriveX?

ithriveX founder, Lisa Allain, founded the company with a sincere desire to provide solutions for people who experience chronic aches, post-workout soreness, and sports ailments. Additionally, ithriveX provides skin-care products for anti-friction, wound care, and radiation burns.

What began as Lisa’s desire to help her children get off oral pain relievers has now become an innovative all-natural product line that enables people of various lifestyles to live the lives they desire.


ithriveX Anti-Friction Cream

ithriveX offers a skin-care product that is designed to soothe common skin problems for amputees. Living an active lifestyle can take its toll. Amputees often experience discomfort from the friction created by their prosthetic.

ithriveX Anti-Friction Cream and ithriveX Anti-Friction EXTREME Cream are all-natural topical creams that create a barrier between the skin and the prosthetic. This keeps the area sealed and comfortable so you can remain mobile.

Our products are made with all-natural essential oils that help soothe skin irritation caused by rubbing from prosthetic devices.