Cristina Tries on a Prosthetic Heel

Cristina Tries on a Prosthetic Heel

Cristina Rios is a runner with the Amputee Blade Runners. She has been wearing a prosthesis for about 10 years. 

In this video, Christina tries on a prosthetic with an adjustable heel that allows her to walk barefoot, wear running shoes, and even wear high-heels!

Amputees shouldn't be limited in the activities and lifestyles they choose to participate in. Thanks to innovative prosthetics and running blades such as this, it is possible for amputees to live with more comfort and flexibility than ever before!



ithriveX Anti-Friction Cream

We're releasing a new skin-care product designed specifically to address common skin problems for amputees. Amputees that lead active lifestyles often experience discomfort from the friction created by their prosthetic.

Introducing ithriveX Anti-Friction Cream and ithriveX Anti-Friction EXTREME Cream. These all-natural topical creams create a barrier between the skin and the prosthetic. This keeps the area sealed and comfortable so you can remain mobile.

Our products are made with essential oils that help soothe skin irritation caused by rubbing from prosthetic devices.