More Over Spring-Summer Solstice is Coming

Flowers and seeds have been planted. School days are readied for rest.  Beaches and boardwalks are populating.  Air conditioners fire up their hum. Move over Spring-Summer Solstice is coming. And with that comes a chance to spend a lot of time outdoors. That must be why June is dedicated as “National Great Outdoors Month”. In past blogs we’ve talked about the importance of mobility, and the importance of always moving forward in our health and wellness goals. This month embrace those goals and let the sun lead you to brighter days.


  • When ithriveX was initially created, we partnered with many companies, organizations and
    individuals who were active in the Runner’s community. This included Ragnar Races, the Run for Hope, Fleet Feet Sports, and others. Many runners gave our products a try and have become long term users to help get them through trainings, races, marathons and more. June 1st is dedicated as National Running Day. So whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or a PRO, grab your sneakers, and your ithriveX and go, go go.


  • Almost everyone these days knows of someone whose life has been challenged by cancer. Some have lost their battle, but many others have overcome their illness, and so we join with them on June 5th to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day. The nonprofit National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation held its first event in 1988. The annual event is a “celebration of life,” where survivors gather with cancer center doctors, nurses and other staff as well as friends and family to show that life after a cancer diagnosis can be full and fun. You can learn more about this annual celebration day and outreach events in your area by visiting Home - National Cancer Survivors Day® (


  • Our mantra at ithriveX is “Don’t Just Survive…. Thrive!”. When our Founder, Lisa Allain, created
    this saying it was based on her desire to create products that would simply make life easier and more beautiful for others. Did you know there is a day designated as National Making Life Beautiful Day? The purpose is to celebrate those who make life beautiful for others — be it our own or a larger group of people. The truly freeing part is that you often do not even realize when or how you are creating beauty in the life of another. YOU can be the sunshine on someone’s darkest days. Giving encouragement to others makes for a beautiful world.


  • No doubt social media will be active on June 21 as it is National Selfie Day! As the term “selfie” is embraced globally WE see it as a great chance to release your inhibitions and promote your true self. We know many photo enthusiasts take it to extremes trying to find just the perfect pose, but others see it as an opportunity to capture a moment in their life journey. This includes the good days, the bad days, the pretty days, and the ugly days too. Let’s see what you got…because the light looks good on everyone in the summertime.