Lions, and Tigers, and Pain...oh my!

For many, October is often referred to as a “Spooktacular Month”. Pumpkin “everything” is in full swing. Football season is marching down the field. Ghosts and Goblins are asking for treats at your front door. And unfortunately, for many, the onset of colder temperatures scares us into knowing muscular and joint pain will increase. Ask yourself, “Do I really need to endure this pain?” With ithriveX products, the answer is NO! Now is a great time to stock up on our Performance and Anti-Friction creams so that you can keep moving forward. #healinginmotion

  1. Did you know that Halloween is an $8B holiday and over 140M consumers actively participate in the annual celebration? For some that means dressing up in costume; be it crazy, cute, or creepy. Some costumes tend to be binding or restrictive leaving us with chafing, or gentle abrasions. Footwear may be fun- but can lead to blisters or foot pain. Don’t be haunted by unnecessary injuries. ithriveX Anti-Friction Cream takes you out of the shadows and offers a great solution to all your ghoulish and grim pains.

  2. When the Fall season gets into full swing, you may see an increase in muscle and joint pain. Many people attribute their pain to damp or cold weather, but the real culprit may be atmospheric (barometric) pressure. The theory is that when atmospheric pressure falls, the tissues surrounding joints can expand. This can lead to increased pressure or pain in any area of the body affected by prior injury, disease, or arthritis. Another theory is based on blood flow. Joint pain may increase with cold weather and has much to do with temperature. When your body detects cold, the normal reaction is to divert more blood flow to the core of your body. This means less blood reaches the joints and muscles, which may affect pain sensation. ithriveX Performance Creams help minimize your pain, especially on these rough days. Swollen tissues put more pressure on the joints which causes pain. ithriveX Performance Creams help reduce that inflammation.

  3. October also happens to be National Women’s Small Business Month! Did you know that ithriveX is a women-owned business? You can read about our Founder, Lisa Allain HERE. ithriveX is recognized as an official women owned business by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council. #womenownedbusiness #womenownedandoperated #womenownedbrands #womensupportwomen