Chaffing is the runner’s worst nightmare

Chaffing is the runner’s worst nightmare

It doesn’t matter the season or the weather, it’s not something you can control by the hot and cold.  Most people experience chaffing on the inner thighs, but it can really occur anywhere on the body if parts of your body are touching each other, clothes are rubbing the wrong way, or your skin is too dry.  Too much moisture on the skin, from sweating, rain, or swimming followed by running, can make chaffing symptoms much worse.


Usually clothes are part of the chaffing problem for runners. The material plays a huge part. Stay away from cotton because once it’s wet, it increases friction between your clothes and your skin. Choose a fabric that is moisture wicking like spandex or synthetic fibers. If you notice your running shorts are still causing chaffing issues from the seams or being slightly to short, wear longer compression shorts under your running shorts. Women should avoid tight clothing, especially bras, and wear tag-less clothing when possible.  For men, even a synthetic top may not do the trick, so prepare yourself in advance!

Lube Up

There are many lubricants that can reduce chaffing while running. You should apply this before your run to decrease irritation.  ithriveX Anti-Friction creams are great options. These creams are not gel consistency and go on like lotion. They act as an invisible band-aid or barrier between the skin and friction caused from skin, clothing, equipment, or prosthetics. If you have frequent blisters or rashes, this revolutionary anti friction cream helps lock in the healing power of essential oils and keeps the area protected from friction, all without feeling like there is anything on your skin.

After Care

You have to take care of your skin after to help ease discomfort. Shower ASAP in warm water and make sure to pat dry, not rub, to help ease irritation. Always moisturize the skin with a good lotion or butter. If there is redness, bleeding blisters or other skin irritations, our revolutionary ithriveX Anti-Friction cream helps lock in the healing power of the essential oils while acting like an invisible band-aid to keep the area protected. Slip on some comfy, loose clothes and stay away from tight jeans or slim fit shirts.