6 Woman-Owned Brands in Health and Wellness

We at ithriveX understand first-hand the challenges that often accompany starting and running a woman-owned business. Whether you are talking about manufacturing a product, producing online content, or providing a service, maintaining the success of a brand is often a demanding job. However, countless women around the world have found a way to share their passions and serve their communities in inspiring ways. In this article, we are looking at six women-owned brands that are finding success in the world of health and wellness.

  1. Moon Juice

If you are looking for a self-care brand that values pure ingredients and is environmentally conscious, look no further than Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Moon Juice. Due to her struggles with an autoimmune disease, Bacon was inspired to provide natural, plant-based solutions to everyday problems. Her brand provides high-quality products for a variety of industries, including supplements, skin care, hair treatments, and health food.

  1. Honey Pot Company

The Honey Pot Company is dedicated to providing “a complete feminine care system” made responsibly from natural ingredients. Creator Bea Nixon’s products contain no toxins, artificial fragrance, or anything synthetic. She believes that the key to running a successful business is to really know her customers. Her primary goal as the mastermind behind The Honey Pot Company is to provide products “made by people with vaginas for people with vaginas.”

  1. Massy Arias

Massy Arias is a Certified Personal Trainer who has made it her mission to empower women by providing tools that promote strength-focused fitness. Her highly rated Warrior Program presents a 45-day plan for strengthening muscles, reducing fat, and increasing energy via exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet.

  1. Kaike

This brand, pronounced just like the word “cake,” was created by Keli Smith to provide natural skin-care products to people of color. Kaike’s plant-based products are designed for use on skin with varying degrees of melanin. Her mission is to celebrate human diversity by making sure everyone has access to products that help them feel at home in their own skin.

  1. Ritual

Ritual’s founder Katerina Schneider prioritizes honesty when it comes to her products. Her goal is to provide multivitamins made from ingredients that you can trust. To further showcase her commitment to transparency, all her vitamin capsules are see-through. As a consumer, you can rest easy knowing that when you look at these viatmins, what you see is what you get!

  1. Sweaty Betty

Created by Tamara Hill-Norton, Sweaty Betty is an activewear brand that seeks to empower women by providing clothing that benefits both the body and the mind. Tamara’s goal for the brand to design comfortable, attractive pieces that encourage women to feel confident and beautiful as they pursue their fitness goals.