ithriveX Performance EXTREME Cream

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ithriveX Performance EXTREME Cream contains menthol to deliver an extreme effect!

ithriveX® Performance eXtreme delivers a the powerful, proprietary formula to help your body thrive. It is formulated with extra nutrient-rich essential oils. This fast-acting, long-lasting formula supports the eXtreme performance of both muscles and joints while providing long-lasting cooling comfort without a strong scent. 

Helps soothe minor muscular discomfort, aches and tiredness. Supports joint circulation and joint comfort. Helps warm-up muscles before exercise and ease soreness after physical activity. Non-staining formula. Disappearing scent won't leave you smelling like a medicine cabinet. 

**These creams are all natural, so they will change consistency in the heat! If they are left in the heat, they will take on a watery consistency. All you need to do is leave your creams in room temperature to return the cream to normal consistency! The heat won't change their effectiveness!