Performance Reviews

Man jumping into a lake - ithriveX makes all-natural topical creams for people who live an active lifestyle. Sooth muscle and joint pain with ithriveX.

 It’s really helped me out through injuries I’ve had playing hockey throughout my life and really allows me to do my job now as a hockey coach without pain. JP Dumont - Nashville Predators Retired NHL 

We just ran in the Country Music Marathon here in Nashville as Team Toby Mac. One of the things that help us get through the long hours of training is ithriveX™. It’s a natural and organic product that gets your muscles through the soreness of training. Toby Mac - Christian Recording Artist

“As a personal trainer, and coach, I find ithriveX™ to be a vital component to keeping me moving and training. My body must be ready to perform with people from ages from 10-60, and often 12 hour days are long! My joints and muscles have to stay ready to move and ithriveX™ is a big part of staying fit and healthy. Because of the success I have had using ithriveX™ for myself, I have now used it with all my clients. My track team absolutely loves it! We use it for warm up and cool down. I personally set my 5k PR by using ithriveX™ on my feet, ankles and calves before my running intervals. I’m 205lbs and find pushing a 630 mile pace is not easy, but with ithriveX™ it was possible. And it makes it an even better product to use and recommend because the it is ALL all-natural, zero toxins. What better way to help our bodies keep moving in life.” Steele T.

IThriveX has saved my 83 year old father’s life. Before IThriveX ,my father’s quality of life was poor due to continuous pain from a bone spur in his neck, bulging discs and overall arthritis. He just told me even yesterday for the 3rd time how he DOES NOT HURT ANY MORE! He had tried everything from steroid injections, steroid dose packs, oils, pain medications etc. Now I can say his quality of life is 100% better . Thank you for creating this cream! Just purchased 4 more!! Kathy Z

It’s a great product. It smells great and it’s helped me a lot with all the athletic work that I do. Tim  - Athletic Director

 I usually don’t have many aches or pains and don’t take medicines, but I recently did something to my knee and used your cream on the area that was painful. Oh my gosh, the pain, inflammation and soreness went away in 2 days!!! It was like a miracle!! Kathie H - TN

My husband and I visited the iThriveX™ Booth at the 2014 Ragnar Relay in Nashville, TN and used the product on my husband’s neck! He had been in a car accident in 2010, and there was nothing except surgery and medication to help, we weren’t interested in either one! The iThriveX™ creme was wonderful for him! He had immediate results and it worked! We are buying more and I just bought 2 extras for a friend of mine to use for her back surgery recovery! Thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful product!! Anne Averette

Whenever I feel aches and pains on my legs after my long training runs, ithriveX™ gives me instant relief. What I love about it is that it is all natural! Patti B. - Virginia

My sister in law recently ordered some ithriveX™ lotion and had it sent to me in Michigan. I have been in constant pain since May 1st. Still not really sure what I did to cause this. I have seen two doctors and only know from an MRI that I have a torn meniscus and a bakers cyst and severe arthritis. Nothing has worked to relieve my pain fully. I have a hard time walking most days. That’s my story until I tried the ithriveX™ on Friday. I immediately got relief in my “good” knee which has been suffering from the compensation factor. I have been instructed to wear a compression sleeve until the cyst heals, so I couldn’t use the ithriveX™ on my injured knee right away. I decided on Saturday to try an hour or so without the sleeve so I could try the lotion. I am now on day 3 of almost NO PAIN! I use it in the morning after my shower and in the evening before bed when I will not have the sleeve on for a period of time. Not sure what it is that is working so well, but my heartfelt thanks to you for your product. Eventually I will get some shots to help the flexibility of the knee after it heals a bit more. But for now, the lotion is my saving grace. Thank you so much. Linda G - Michigan

I first was introduced to iThriveX™ when I was recovering from foot surgery. I started to use it at night before I went to bed… i would rub it on my foot which had the surgery. Each morning when I would wake I would notice that my foot’s scar and the achiness and stiffness was relieved more and more each time I used the cream. I even felt one night like I was getting sick and I rubbed iThriveX™ on my feet, put my socks on and in the morning I felt better and didn’t get sick. Lastly, I was surprised that I wasn’t allergic to the cream!! This was a pleasant surprise as this problem happens to me quite often…. iThriveX™ is very soothing. Nancy K

UNBELIEVALBLE!! I did a killer workout at the gym and the next day I could barely move. I used ithrivex™ like a body lotion before bed and the next day I was almost pain free. I used ithrivex™ for the next day or so and as of today, I am pain free. It’s truly a miracle product and I can’t believe it’s all natural! Love this and highly recommend it. Mr. Chalfant

This cream has changed my life. I have had back problems that have plagued me my whole life. I have my own TENS unit that I travel with. This is the only cream that consistently relieves my pain. It seems to work like an external muscle relaxer ! I was very skeptical, but I couldn’t believe it! Jennifer I

What a great product!! I have taken up working out for my New Year’s Resolution and thanks to iThriveX™ I have made it. It is great on those aches and pains of soreness. My teenage football player even steals it after his workouts. It really works!! Lisa B

This is my go to product for après yoga. I gave this product to a friend and her husband, who plays guitar, just to try out. And .. they never returned the tube. Needless to say, they loved it as much as me! There is nothing out there with with many high grade ingredients. I love it! Gwen M

Works great on the arthritis pain in my knees! Especially after a hard workout! Love that it’s all natural! Feels great on the skin! Amy G

Love the stuff. Fresh, smells good, not greasy and gets the job done. Ken R

I have been using this cream for about a year now. Any kind of ache or pain or soreness due to working out I usually rub this cream on the specific area. It smells good too which is a plus when you use sports creams on your joints. Cathy J. E.

I use this cream for warm up or recovery from soreness. It is fast acting with instant relief. Throughout all my training, weather it would be a high impact agility training or just playing hockey, I found this cream to be the most amazing product I have used and I highly recommend it. It also doesn’t have that awful medicine smell. Chris S

This stuff rocks. I’ve used lots of different products before but iThriveX™ is so much better!! I don’t like to use anti-inflammatory meds for sore muscles, so I usually use creams. I Thrive is the best by far!! It doesn’t doesn’t stink like other creams and is very fast acting. Deb S

I tried this product at the suggestion of someone i respected. I had been experiencing some back and hip pain. I applied it in the morning and before bed for only a few days and noticed a definite improvement. I am ordering a few tubes for myself and would recommend it to anyone experiencing similar pain. Jeannette L

After my four mile run I used thrive muscle and join cream and my knees have not felt this good after a run in years. Morgan Wolf - Specialist

I work in healthcare and often have sore neck and shoulders. I use this cream at night to help sooth sore muscles. I am amazed how great it works and how amazing it smells!! I appreciate the care and thought that goes into making a product with quality ingredients and actually works well. My muscles thank you! Molly K

I gave several samples of your product to my 79 year old elderly friend and she is thrilled with the results – she hasn’t had such relief for shoulder and hip pain in years. Happy to hear this news and I know what I’m getting her for Christmas! - D Essig, Lend Lease

It gets deep into the roots of the pain. It’s a cream with a lot of essential oils in it like peppermint and lavender. Nashville Masseuse

Whenever I feel aches and pains on my legs after my long training runs, ithriveX gives me instant relief.  What I love about it is that it is all natural! Patti B

My oldest daughter broke her leg in Bolivia and managed to get home for surgery on this last Saturday. Many pins, screws and one plate later she is recovering well. However, she is in pain and uncomfortable. I gave her a tube of your product from samples you gave me. It looks like welcome relief. Mark C