What is ithriveX Breakthrough Cream?

Many things can wreak havoc on your skin including sweating, air pollution, hormones, and stress. Breakthrough works to fight acne from literally breaking through your skin. Our cream treats the source of skin irritation and infections. If you have an active breakout, it will heal your skin without the drying and peeling effect that you get from most chemical-based products.

Breakthrough Cream


The Benefits

 Includes vitamins A, B, C, D and the minerals calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus.

Natural skin hydration. Contains ingredients that resemble skin’s own natural emollients to effectively moisturize and nourish extremely dry, dehydrated, and irritated skin.

Extended comfort over time. Works instantly to address discomfort due to injuries, strains, stiffness, aches, bruises and swelling. Fewer applications are required over time.

Improves blood circulation. Allows for faster cell oxygenation and blood flow.

Calms and soothes. Calms, warms and soothes muscles and overall aches.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic & anti-fungal.

Non-staining, Non-greasy formula.

GMO Free, Safe for Vegans.

Made in the USA.