ithriveX Anti-Friction Cream

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ithriveX Anti-Friction Cream 2.0 is Now Available!

Although prosthetics give amputees back their mobility, in many cases, that can come with a price in the form of rashes, blisters, open wounds, etc. ithriveX Anti-Friction cream addresses these problems and keeps you in the game. 

Our unique and proprietary blend creates a barrier like feel between the skin and the prosthetic, keeping the area sealed and comfortable so you can remain mobile, while locking in the essential oils to help soothe irritation and rubbing from the prosthetic device.  

**These creams are all natural, so they will change consistency in the heat! If they are left in the heat, they will take on a watery consistency. All you need to do is leave your creams in room temperature to return the cream to normal consistency! The heat won't change their effectiveness!

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