Ask any mom and they’ll tell you, momin’ is hard work. From the nine to ten months of pregnancy and the difficulty of childbirth, to the endless days (and nights) of the newborn phase and chasing toddlers on the move, to the early school days, teen drama and beyond, being a mom isn’t for the faint of heart.

If you’re a mom, you get it. Your momma job is tough, but oh so worth it. You’ve poured blood, sweat, tears, and every fiber of your heart into raising your humans. But did you know your mom skills translate beyond the childrearing world?

What is a Mompreneur?

A Mompreneur runs a business while simultaneously caring for her children. There’s a reason the term MOMpreneur is a thing – according to a 2015 Pew Research report, about 36.2 percent of small businesses are woman-owned, and according to a Womenable report, as many as 1 in 3 of those woman-owned businesses is a mompreneur in action. Combining those studies together, Momperment estimates that mompreneurs represent more than 3 million businesses in the U.S.

And in our opinion, moms make the best entrepreneurs - and here's why.


Why Do Moms Make Good Entrepreneurs?

Moms are Life Experts. You may not have known everything when you started your motherhood journey, but what you learned along the way shaped you into not only a mom expert but a life expert. And a life education is the best kind of education. You’ve learned what makes people tick, how to handle hostile negotiations (terrible twos, anyone?) and so much more.

What Late Nights? All of us startup business owners know that the term entrepreneur is really just a fancy term that means “get everything done by any means necessary.” This often takes the form of working around the clock (including late nights or all-nighters), and there are times you don’t know if it’s day or night – a concept that’s all too familiar for moms everywhere.

Multitasking is The Only Way of “Tasking”. Find a mom and an entrepreneur at any given moment, and they are both most likely doing more than one thing at once, and that’s because “multitasking” is their middle name. It just comes with the territory.

You Win Some, You Lose Some. With kids, life, and business, the art (and science) of picking your battles is key. As a mom and an entrepreneur, you know when it’s worth sticking to your guns and digging in your heels, and when compromise is the best practice.

You Carry On. “Get back on the horse.” “Pick yourself back up again.” “Life is tough, but so are you.” “Keep calm and carry on.” We are convinced all of these quotes must have at one point originated from a mother because they know how to keep going no matter what – for their kids and for themselves. Business is no different. Struggles will come, but it’s how you deal with those struggles and find a way through them that’ll determine the future of your business.