Love Each Other-Love Your Self

Although our desk calendar tells us that February is the shortest month of the year (only 28 days in 2022), there are so many reasons to LOVE this month, beyond the typical Valentine’s Day Holiday. February is noted for month long celebrations like “Plant Your Seeds of Greatness Month”, “International Friendship Month”, and “National Self-Check Month”.

We’ve said it over and over…ithriveX is a mission driven company focused on health, hope, and healing. Aside from all the great month-long celebrations we mentioned above, we also pay close attention to specific days this month that coordinate with our mission. We know it is important to take care of ourselves. We know it is important to take care of others. LOVE is all around us-see it, say it, show it!

  • Kick off the month with National Get Up Day! This is a great day to share stories of perseverance. Every day we see amazing stories and videos from our friends in the amputee community who have been challenged in some way, but always find a way to get up, never give in, and find another way. We are so happy to hear testimonials from these customers who use our ithriveX Anti-Friction creams to keep moving forward. #nevergivein #nevergiveup

  • National Giving Hearts Day falls on February 10th this year. On this 15th anniversary, this celebration offers one of the best opportunities to donate to your favorite charity. ithriveX created our #bettertogether initiative with Founder, Tina Hurley (photo below) from Less Leg More Heart in 2021. We support them through a variety of ways, and you can too! Enter Discount Code LLMH20 when you order any ithriveX product at and you’ll not only earn a 20% discount on your order, but you’ll be part of a giveback initiative.

  • Do you have a special caregiver in your life? Do you provide care to someone who needs it? On February 18, we celebrate National Caregivers Day. This day honors individuals who selflessly provide personal care, and physical- and emotional support to those who need it most. We often get orders for our ithriveX Performance Creams from caregivers, especially from those who help the aging. These all-natural creams formulated with nutrient-rich essential oils help address discomfort from injuries, strains, stiffness, and aches. Try ithriveX Performance Creams on the person you care for each day. Enter CAREGIVERS20 for 20% off until the end of the month.
  • We just had to throw this one in since we are talking about LOVE this month! For millions of people two of the most happy-making things we have in this life are dogs and exercise, so it only seems fitting to mention that February 22 is National Walking The Dog Day. No excuses this year. Too cold? Do it anyway. Too hot? Do it anyway. Find a trail. Walk in your neighborhood. Don’t have a dog? Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog, or better yet…visit a local shelter and volunteer to be a dog walker. (You might just end up in love after all.