ithriveX Recommends: Top Five Energy Bars

  1. Verb


The Boston-based Verb Energy brand was founded by three Yale undergraduates who shared a common goal. After spending money every morning on both a cup of coffee and a granola bar, Matthew Czarnecki, Andre Monteiro and Bennett Byerley decided to create a snack that offered the benefits of both in just one tasty product. Verb energy bars are made using just eight nutritious ingredients that help you to combat cravings without filling your body with a surplus of sugars. Each bar contains 190 calories, 7g grams of fat and 12g of sugar. On top of that, Verb bars also provide 5g of protein and 4g of fiber. Verb bars are available through a monthly subscription. Each delivery contains 24 bars in two flavors for one affordable price. For new customers, the company also offers starter kits with 16 bars in a variety of their most popular flavors.




  1. eBar


David and Jan Dalton, founders of eBar, are committed to providing a kind of “fast food” that is enjoyable to eat and beneficial to the body. Each of their customized energy bars are USDA Certified Organic, Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Verified and Certified Kosher. The bars contain a variety of whole ingredients, including nuts, fruits, mushrooms, oils, and seeds. They offer several different types of bars, each of which are tailored to help you meet your health goals. The “Focus” bars contain “brain-foods" that can help you to stay energized and on-task even in distracting environments. Alternatively, the “Calm” bars’ combination of plant-based ingredients is designed to decrease stress and relax the body. The full list of products and pricing information is available via the eBar website.




  1. Clif


Clif is one of the oldest names in the energy bar business. First available in 1992, the Clif brand has provided nutritious sports bars in a variety of tasty flavors for almost 20 years. Their bars contain different combinations of healthy carbs and proteins that help sustain your body during and after exercise. With non-GMO ingredients like rolled oats, rice flour, and organic soybeans, these bars are a great option for anyone fueling an active lifestyle. Clif also produces bars made specifically for bodies that are still developing. Clif Kid’s ZBars are designed to provide energy for active kids. Each bar contains 24 carbs, 2g of fiber, and just 5g of fat. At 140 calories, these bars can also be a great low-cal afternoon snack for adults. Clif bars are sold in grocery stores world-wide.




  1. RxBar


A relative newcomer in the energy bar world, RxBar’s founder Peter RaHal is committed to providing nutritious products with short lists of ingredients. Each individual bar’s packaging is printed with a concise list of what’s inside. Common ingredients include egg whites, dates, nuts, and chocolate. Instead of adding sweeteners or syrups, an Rxbar derives natural flavors from its tasty ingredients. All ingredients are responsibly sourced, and every bar is gluten-free. RxBars are available online or at your local health food store.




  1. Larabar


Larabar founder Lara Merriken was inspired by the natural beauty of the American Rocky Mountains. She endeavored to create a delicious product using the organic nuts and berries that grew in her homeland of Colorado. Larabar offers a wide range of ingredients and flavors to choose form. Some of the flavors are dairy-free, gluten-free or vegan. It’s not hard to tell which are which; the nutritional info is prominently featured on every package. As the company has grown, Larabars have become more diverse. There are mini bars which offer a smaller portion size, protein bars which provide fuel for any activity, and Fruits+Greens bars that contain ¼ cup of greens and just five ingredients. All of these and more can be found on Larabar’s website and in stores near you.