Importance of Core Strength and How to Keep it Strong

Importance of Core Strength and How to Keep it Strong

When many people think of the body’s core, they think abs or a 6-pack. Your core is your abdominal muscles, but it’s also made up of the back muscles and pelvic muscles. Your core is what keeps you steady and balanced. When you lean over to pick up something you dropped, your core is doing a lot of work. While you are lifting weights or running, you are using your core the entire time! 


The core muscles are the base of support for the entire body.  These muscles provide the posture and support the body needs.


For athletes specifically, having a strong core can prevent injuries and can help boost resiliency of their muscles.  For the elderly, having a strong core can help their posture and stability. The stronger the core, the better posture a person will have and thus the less wear and tear on the spine and other muscles, leading to a longer, healthier, more pain resistant life!


To strengthen your core, you don’t want to focus on crunches and Russian twists. Instead, you want to focus on the entire core, all of the muscles that help keep your inner abdominals strong. Here are a few exercises for your entire core: Plank, Side Plank, Push-Ups, Single Leg Squats, Walking Lunges and Mountain Climbers. 


Get used to tightening your entire core for 10 seconds throughout the day, when the phone rings, when you drink a sip of water, when you go to the bathroom.  You want to feel like you are hugging your belly all the way back to your spine. 


Another great way to strengthen your core is by doing Pilates or Yoga, these exercises focus on breathing and strengthening your core.