Get Paid To Thrive (ithriveX Ambassador Program)

Get Paid To Thrive

We’re currently looking for ambassadors to join our team of thrivers as we spread the word about our line of all-natural healing creams. Thrivers come from all walks of life, but share the same goal: they don’t let their circumstances dictate their destinies. ithriveX performance and anti-friction creams take away the aches and pains from your adventures and let you get back to it.

Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you seek relief from sore muscles or stiffness? Do you have pain from using prosthetics? ithriveX can change your life.

Why You Should Be A Thriver

The Numbers:

Thrivers will receive several benefits for their participation in our ambassador program. Upon acceptance, you will sign a six-month contract agreement. These agreements are also up for renewal! Each month, you will get a free bottle of a cream your choice to sample and show off. You will also receive a personalized promotional code. Share the code with family, friends and your social media community. You will get a 15% commission on every purchase made with your code. Each month, you’ll be paid by mailed check or money order.


The only requirements for becoming a Thriver are that you have a public Instagram account and are over 18 years old. Thrivers will be required to post how ithriveX products have helped them on their profiles 3 times a month. This can be in the form of a product review, a demonstration, or a photo of you getting back to your adventure. We just ask that you tag us so we can share the good news with more people!

The Community:

Aside from the opportunity to make some money, becoming a Thriver will give you the chance to join a community of doers. You will be able to connect with other Thrivers who share similar interests, such as crossfit, Ragnar relays, or hiking, as well as people who have overcome similar obstacles, such as amputation.

Our founder Lisa Allain wants to make sure that ithriveX is more than just a business that gives back but a community of giving back or forward! Whether it’s volunteering, monetary support or just sharing your story, Lisa wants to build a thriving community of givers.

Take the Leap

Sound like something you’d be interested in? We can’t wait to hear from you. Please fill out this form so we can get to know you. We’ll be in touch with next steps!