5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Fruit for Breakfast

Eating fruit is a necessary part of a healthy diet. To start their day off well, many people choose to include a serving of fruit in their first meal of the day. Consuming a serving of fruit each morning can help you feel energized, satisfied and ready to take on the day. If you’re not a fan of eating raw fruit on its own, there a number of creative ways you can integrate fruits into your typical breakfast menu, including blending it into smoothies, sprinkling it on cereal or squeezing it into juice. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll look at five specific reasons you should introduce a serving of fruit into your daily morning routine.

First, eating a serving of fruit each day has been linked to strengthening your immune system. Eating fruits that are high in vitamin C like oranges, lemons and pineapples can help you fend off illness and combat viruses like the common cold. Fruits with antioxidants like blueberries, strawberries and plums can also strengthen your body’s defenses and boost your energy throughout the day.

The second benefit to making fruit a regular part of your routine is that it provides your body with a daily detoxification process. Eating fruit in the morning helps your body rid itself of toxins which can also cause you to lose weight. Something as simple as adding fresh lemon juice to your morning glass of water can kickstart your body to begin a cleansing process.

Thirdly, a serving of fruit supplies your body with natural sugars that provide you with long-lasting energy. As opposed to the synthetic sugars found in many caffeinated drinks and sweet cereals, eating fruits can give you the energy you need to stay focused and motivated even into the afternoon.

Fourth, eating fruit in the morning can kickstart your digestive system and help your body process previous meals. Fruits that are high in fiber like apples, apricots and kiwi can provide relief from indigestion and improve your metabolism. High-fiber fruits can also help regulate your bowel movements and prevent constipation.

 Finally, fruit can fill you up and dissuade you from eating less healthy snacks. Fruits contain large amounts of water and fiber which makes them highly satisfying. If you fill your stomach with one of two servings of fruit, you can avoid feeling hungry before lunch. Fruits like apples, grapes and pears can make for a flavorful breakfast that will keep you feeling satisfied for hours.

Integrating fruit into your breakfasts can help you take care of your body, energize your muscles and focus your mind. If you are interested in finding out how eating a serving of fruit can positively impact your morning routine, try eating an apple alongside your oatmeal or adding blueberries to your granola. A fruit-filled breakfast could help you on your journey to a healthier you!