What is Dry Brushing and Does It Actually Work?

You’ve probably seen the ads, the long wooden handled brushes with harsh, thick thistles, but what are people using it for?

Dry brushing.

Dry brushing is brushing the skin in a specific pattern to exfoliate, flush the body of unwanted toxins and improve circulation, among many other benefits.

Although it seems like a new fad among your Instagram followers and health magazines, this technique​ dates back in ancient history among many cultures around the world including: Hippocrates and the Greeks, the Japanese and American Aboriginals. Even the Comanche tribe were known to scrub their skin with sand from the Texas river bottoms.


How does dry brushing work?

Start with a loofah or a coarse, natural fiber brush glove. This will help your skin get acclimated to the brushing sensation before transitioning to a skin brush.

There isn’t a particular time to dry brush, but people find it most successful before you shower. Since you are ridding your body of toxins and dead skin cells, showering will help solidify the cleansing. The process will also stimulate and energize your body, so a night time routine might cause difficulty sleeping.

Start dry brushing at your feet or your hands and brush in firm, long strokes toward the heart and work in a circular motion. Never try to press too hard. Any exfoliation process should be gentle as to not break the skin. Keep working until you’ve covered your whole body. This process should take around five minutes and should be done once or twice a week depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

What are the ​benefits​ of dry brushing?

Brushing stimulates the skin and allows the pores to clear so the body can perspire freely. If your pores aren’t clear, it can cause waste to back up which causes damage to your body. This technique will also bring your skin’s natural oils to the surface, protecting the skin and providing suppleness and elasticity.

Dry brushing also improves your body by:

  • Evenly distributing fat deposits
  • Aiding in lymphatic drainage
  • Increasing circulation
  • Rejuvenating your nervous system
  • Helping the body’s natural detoxification process

Results of dry brushing can be noticed in as little as a week, but the benefits only improve with habitual use. If you experience a lot of skin irritations, try once a week.

If you’re still skeptical, that’s okay! This process is simple and inexpensive, so try it yourself and let us know if it works for you.