5 Podcasts that Focus on Mental Health

In recent years, the stigma around openly discussing mental health has decreased significantly. That is partially due to writers, artists, and other creators who use their platforms to share their personal struggles and reach out to others who may be going through similar experiences. One of the most accessible platforms creators use for these discussions is podcasts. If you are interested in connecting with communities around the world who are passionate about mental health, listening to a podcast is an excellent way to join the conversation. Here are five podcasts to get you started.


1. The Dark Place

The Dark Place podcast was created to show listeners they are not alone. Each episode tells the story of ordinary people who struggle with and are working to overcome anxiety, depression, or other mental disorders and illnesses. Host Joel Kutz draws on his experience as a suicide phone line operator to provide information, resources, and hope to the listeners who need it the most.


2. The Adult Chair

Michelle Chalfant’s delightful podcast encourages listeners to use retrospection to better understand and overcome their present challenges. In each episode, Chalfant discusses how the things that we have lived through thus far shape the people we are today. With the support of an occasional guest, she addresses a wide range of topics including mental illness, spirituality, family, and love.


3. Mental Illness Happy Hour

This amusing podcast is hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin. Each episode features a guest and centers on discussing issues related to mental illness, therapeutic practices, and trauma. While the host is not a medical professional, he seeks to alleviate some of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses by addressing them with a sense of humor and a positive attitude.


4. On Purpose

Jay Shetty’s podcast brings a unique perspective to conversations concerning mental health. As a former monk and current life coach, he is well-qualified to give advice and offer support to listeners seeking meaningful answers. He does this by inviting celebrity guests to join him and speak to a variety of issues, including overcoming anxiety, succeeding in the cutthroat world of modern business, and raising a family in the technological age. With two new episodes every week, Shetty is sure to provide insight into a problem you’ve been facing.



CXMH is a podcast that exists at the crossroads between faith and mental health. Hosted by Robert Vore & Dr. Holly Oxhandler, this podcast brings together faith leaders from various backgrounds and mental health professionals to engage in open, constructive conversations concerning the human mind and soul. If you are interested in how religion and spirituality intersect with mental health, this podcast can provide answers and prompt deeper questions.