ithriveX Performance Cream

ithriveX Performance Cream & ithriveX Performance EXTREME Cream - all-natural pain relief cream for aching muscles and joints.ithriveX™ was the result of a realization that there was a need for a fast acting, pleasant smelling, affordable all-natural pain soothing cream created for a marketplace with little alternatives that are absolutely comprised of ALL all-natural ingredients.

The powerful combination of essential oils, including arnica, help soothe everything from chronic pain to pre/post workouts to minor muscle aches and strains.

My initial goal was to change my children’s thought process to ask for oral pain relievers and to use an all-natural topical alternative on issues like growing pains and sports ailments. And to get away from the topical creams which often have synthetics. (by definition, “compounds formed through a chemical process by human agency, as opposed to those of natural origin.”)

I am happy to say we have been successful!